3D printing and CAD modeling for ages 10-13 (S21Y)

Instructor: Laurel Pollard

Campers will be introduced to the process of creating an object from start to printed. Participants will learn TinkerCAD, an online design tool for students, and how to take their models from virtual to reality. They will learn basic 3d-printer operations and design considerations to get better 3d printing results. They'll also take a look at what other 3d artists have designed and print an item from the open-source 3d printer community. 


Laurel Pollard has a degree in physics and a middle-level math teaching certificate. She has been teaching and coaching young students in technology, computer science and engineering since 2002 with an emphasis on bringing the arts and creativity to the STEM fields. She has been making jewelry and programming a computer since high school. Now she has combined the two with 3d printing, bringing out the beauty of math and code.