Beginning Watercolor (W23)

Instructor: Jennifer Brown

This watercolor class is for real beginners who are new to painting with watercolor.  Watercolor is often considered to be a difficult medium but using a playful step by step approach can make it really fun. We will cover setting up your palette, playing with brushstrokes and color, practicing value studies to create form, and establishing the habit of observational sketching and painting in a sketchbook. Click here for a materials list.

Jennifer Brown began her art career at a young age making woodblock prints in her family kitchen. She majored in Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University and earned a degree in art and education from Vermont College as a parent and working adult. Most recently she has taken painting and printmaking workshops at Art New England in Bennington, VT, as well as continuing to study oil painting with painter, Peter Granucci. She explores nature, landscapes, and figures in the landscape using primarily watercolor and gouache.