Blacksmithing, Plain and Fancy (W23)

Instructor: Mike Platt

Experience the heat and hammer of the blacksmith under skilled and patient guidance.  You’ll learn a wide variety of blacksmithing techniques and complete several projects in this immersive two-weekend workshop.  Students will use gas and coal-fired forges and learn to bend, twist, taper, scroll, drift, rivet, fuller, and temper.  Previous experience working with metal is helpful but not required.  Beginners are welcome.  This class meets in-person in AVA's Sculptural Studies Building, over the course of two full weekends.


Mike Platt has over 40 years’ experience forging metal in the fire as a blacksmith, farrier, and since 2018, a custom mokume gane jewelry maker. He is passionate about teaching kids and adults the art and tradition of blacksmithing at his home forge in Easton, New Hampshire as well as small group classes at The Littleton Studio School.  Additionally, Mike holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and specializes in the design and development of jet and rocket engines.