Continuing Pottery (S21-02)

Instructor: Tyler Morrison


Learn to center clay on the potters wheel, make mugs, bowls, pitchers, casseroles and much more. If you are a beginner or more advanced you will enjoy the clay experience. Acquire the skills of throwing, trimming, making handles, glazing and kiln firing. This class meets in-person and is limited to 5students.


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Tyler Morrison is a potter whose work is focused on elements of everyday life. Largely self-taught, his work emphasizes function, sustainability, and self-sufficiency. As an artist he draws inspiration from industry, and the tradition of potters as both designers and laborers. As an educator he emphasizes the role that the pottery studio has historically played in society, how the medium of clay has shaped the way we view and interact with the world, and how students can use that knowledge to grow as artists and as people.