Digital Animation

Instructor: Paula Allen/Pollyzoom

This class will give you the skills to take your story or drawings and bring them to life. Learn about script writing, storyboarding, 2-D animation techniques and more. If you enjoy new media and digital art, then these are the perfect classes for you. Students will learn animation character design, background design, animation drawing techniques and more.


Tech Requirements: Smartphone or tablet for animating and another device for watching the class on Zoom. + Flipaclip App.


Skill level: ages 8-13. Beginners welcome, students with animation experience welcome.

This class is limited to 12 students. 


Artist Paula Allen/ Pollyzoom has been working with kids in the arts and animation for many years. With her dual degrees in Film ( MFA) and Art Education (B.S.) She brings vast knowledge to the table on how to make drawings move, how to create visual moving stories and more. Paula is an award winning educator with awards in Humanitarian Service for working with Children for many years on international art projects. Paula has created programs in animation specifically for kids over the last 4 years, she is currently teaching online at at a school for the gifted where she works with kids in visual art and in animation. For a full bio visit