Drawing Fundamentals (F21-OL)

Instructor: Mike Howat

Learn the fundamentals of drawing, and how to closely observe what you’re seeing and translate it to paper. Students will learn a variety of techniques, including “sighting” and exercises to break down what they’re looking at into basic elements, the fundamentals of light and shadow so their drawings have form and dimension, how to “compose” and arrange a drawing, as well the expressive side of drawing with things like gesture and mark-making to bring their drawings to life with emotion. Using a variety of subject matter, including still life, landscape, the figure and subjects of choice, the course will provide a solid drawing foundation for any future artistic endeavors. This class meets online via Zoom.

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Mike Howat is a New Hampshire-based painter and printmaker. His work explores themes of urbanization, Americana and collective memory. Since earning his B.F.A. from New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2014, he has been actively engaged in the growing New England art scene. He exhibits regularly with Kelley Stelling Contemporary and Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden, and has shown with Chase’s Garage, Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, Nahcotta, among others. He is the current artist-in-residence at Kimball Jenkins School of Art, where he teaches classes and workshops in painting, printmaking and drawing. mikehowat.com