Encaustics & Cold Wax (F19)

Instructor: Lia Rothstein

In this three-day workshop you’ll learn the basics of encaustic and cold wax painting and how, in combining the two materials, unique textures and effects can be achieved. The advantages of combining the materials and safe practices and limitations will be explored in-depth. Participants can work on cradled panels, encaustic monotypes created in the workshop, and/or on their own photographs (printed previously) mounted on panels or boards and then use encaustic and cold wax paints to enhance and extend the meaning of their work. For those wanting to work on their photographs, detailed instructions for printing and mounting them on your panels will be sent in advance of the class.In addition, mounting photographs and previously made encaustic monotypes in class on the first day onto panels will also be possible so we can work on them on the successive days with the waxes. Come prepared for some exploratory fun with these versatile painting materials! Please feel free to contact the instructor with any questions about this workshop at lia.rothstein@gmail.com.

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