Humming Along – Woodworking with Power Tools (BF19)

Instructor: Chris McGrody

The hum of jointers and planers, table saws and drill presses, band saws and routers, signal a new creation in wood. Safe use of these power tools will turn a rough length of pine into a handsome and functional two-step stool ready for finishing. This class will prepare you to work solo during open studio hours.

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Chris McGrody has been building custom furniture and handcrafted cabinetry professionally in his shop for 15 years. Prior to starting his own shop, Chris worked for a number of years at a local furniture studio building high end traditional Shaker furniture. While working there as a craftsman, he also ran the workshop program and taught week-long and weekend workshop courses. Chris also instructs regularly at the Dartmouth College Student Woodshop. Chris enjoys passing along his knowledge of woodworking through project based classes.