Introduction to Acrylic Painting (P21)

Instructor: Harrison Halaska

In this workshop you'll make images with acrylic paint using glazing techniques and other painting methods. You'll learn about color theory and using lights and darks effectively, as well as a little of art history. The emphasis will be on painting with economy in a fun and supportive environment. This class will meet online via Zoom. 



Harrison Halaska received his Masters of Fine Arts from the Laguna College of Art and Design in 2018. His focus has been painting still lifes, landscapes, and portraits from life. He is engaged by the uncovering and discovery of his environment through painting. His paintings have been in various exhibitions, including shows at George Billis Gallery, Huntington Library, Laguna Museum of Art, and the 2018 XL Catlin Art Prize exhibition. He has also taught at the California School of the Arts San Gabriel Valley high school for two years. Harrison is excited to begin making paintings of his girlfriend, dog, and the beautiful New England landscape.