CANCELED Introduction to Adobe Illustrator (W21)

Instructor: Christine Hauck

This introductory Adobe Illustrator workshop will cover the essential features in Illustrstor and techniques for creating illustrations, drawings, graphic images and artwork using a MacOS or a Windows computer. Students will learn how: to create layers, artboards, paths and fills; to select a color matching system, add custom colors and gradients as swatches; to draw precisely with the pen tool; to stylize text in logos, headings and body copy; and to use templates. Class demonstrations are coupled with student assignments to reinforce learning and to support the mastery of Illustrator tools and techniques. NEW Adobe Illustrator features recently added will be introduced to the class. Access to Adobe Illustrator is required. This class will be held online via Zoom.

Christine E. Hauck has worked as an award-winning senior graphic artist, multimedia artist, and visual arts educator for over 25 years. As the owner of her GRAFFEAST design studio, she collaborates with both small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and is known for her conceptual thinking and design. She holds an undergraduate Art History degree from Vassar College, an associate degree in Graphics and Advertising (with a seminar in Japan), and her master’s degree in Decorative Arts and Curatorial Studies from the Parsons School of Design. As an artist and art teacher who bridges art and technology, she is equally comfortable in the studio as in the multimedia lab and her goal is to inspire and educate her students. As a volunteer arts educator for the YMCA of Greenwich (CT) After School Programs, she prepared and led creative art workshops, with a culturally diverse group of students. At the former Connecticut Institute of Art, she taught the Adobe Creative Suite programs and helped students build portfolios and land jobs. As a senior graphic designer, marketing and sales associate for Dartmouth College’s UPNE, she supervised and instructed associates, junior designers and clients in using graphics applications. As a graphic designer and multimedia artist who designs, illustrates, paints and sculpts, she has tutored students and artists in graphic design, drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, and digital art making.