Introduction to Welding (P23)

Instructor: Jimmy Martell

Strike the torch and spark your imagination. AVA's metal studio offers everything you need to learn welding basics. Get hands-on practice measuring, cutting and joining metal using MIG and "stick" welders, plasma cutters and oxyacetylene torches. Safety, fun and learning are the priorities. Beginners welcome. $85 Materials Fee applied at checkout.


Jimmy “The Welder” Martell has been welding for 35 years, most of those running his own business near his home in Wilmot, NH, and the last six years with Dartmouth College. As a teacher his primary objective is to introduce the basic, critical techniques of welding—to be learned before self-expression and improvisation can factor into any trade or craft. By committing to learning the techniques, his students will increase their appreciation for welding in everyday life, and be inspired to create their own functional, durable, and beautiful objects.