Sculpting in Plaster I (W22)

Instructor: Amber Geneva

Begin learning basic sculptural form with plaster of paris, cloth, and mud. This material and basic additive process is an age-old method making sculpture. Under the expert tutelage of Amber Geneva, your sturdy armatures will reach upward and outward like a tree whose limbs gesture as volume is fleshed out with chicken wire, foil fabric and plaster. This class will take place in-person in AVA's Sculptural Studies Building. A $55 materials fee will be applied at check-out. 


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Amber Geneva received her BFA at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago where she gained a passion for working in large-scale steel sculpture. Her curiosity about the range of materials available for sculpture caused her to pursue diverse fields that feed her professional development and her application of technical knowledge. Amber’s experience ranges from casting aluminum and bronze for art and industry, to fine woodworking and fiberglass construction, to refining microscopic precision components for the Mars mission. As an artist, Amber is drawn to the minute subtleties of expression in human body language. Her arts practice uses welded steel and Pal Tiya Premium, a unique sculpting cement, to create chimerical animal sculptures for outdoor installation. As an independent art teacher, Amber considers it her mission to ensure that everyone who wants to make sculpture can, at any scale and for any environment. For more information about Amber, please visit her website.