Upcycled Clothing and Textiles (F22)

Instructor: Meredith Smith

In this one-day workshop you'll explore the possibilities of remaking repurposing, and recycling garments and household textiles into a new life. Got a favorite sweater that the moths ate holes in? Restyle it into a hole-free new look. Grandma’s tablecloth taking up space in your drawer? Give it a useful life as a stylish frock. That expensive jacket you never wear? Turn it into art-to-wear. Get inspired and motivated to remake, repurpose, and recycle all those rarely or never worn garments and textiles. This class meets in-person at AVA. Click here for a materials list.

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Meredith Smith holds a BFA and MAT from Rhode Island School of Design and did post graduate study in costume and theater design at Brown University. She has worked as a costume and jewelry designer, college professor, and owner of a London-based clothing company. Meredith is a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen.