Welding: Design and Build (W23)

Instructor: Jimmy Martell

You’ve taken Intro to Welding and now it's time to put your new skills to work! The first part of this 10 week class will improve your welding technique and hone accuracy, as you learn new fabrication techniques (including how to make and use “fixtures”) to support and maintain the accuracy of your work. Meanwhile, you'll conceptualize your own project ideas as you and the teacher work together to strategize the best techniques to make it happen, whether it's a sculpture or a truck bumper, a lawn ornament or a tool rack. You'll choose your final project, learn to create a materials list, measure, cut, fit, weld, and build it! Students may work on artistic or functional projects as they take ownership of their accuracy and craftsmanship. Intro to Welding or equivalent required. $85 Materials Fee* applied at check-out.  

 *Depending on the project, additional out-of-pocket materials expenses may be necessary.


Jimmy “The Welder” Martell has been welding for 35 years, most of those running his own business near his home in Wilmot, NH, and the last six years with Dartmouth College. As a teacher his primary objective is to introduce the basic, critical techniques of welding—to be learned before self-expression and improvisation can factor into any trade or craft. By committing to learning the techniques, his students will increase their appreciation for welding in everyday life, and be inspired to create their own functional, durable, and beautiful objects.