Zen Archery: A “First Shot” at Kyudo (F22)

Instructor: Ray Chin

Kyudo 弓道means "the way of the bow" and is an ancient form of Japanese archery.  It is also a moving meditation practice, and is often referred to as “Zen archery.”  Practicing kyudo involves focusing attention and calming one’s mind for precise drawing of the bow and releasing the arrow.  It is a path to opening one's heart and mind to the natural dignity of being human, beyond the obstacles of ambition, doubt, and anger.  Hitting the target is not considered as important as coordinating body and heart/mind.  

“You do not practice kyudo to polish your form.

You practice kyudo to polish your heart.”  

- Kanjuro Shibata Sensei XX, Kyudo Master 

Those interested in learning kyudo can sign up for "First Shot," a daylong program to be held at AVA on Saturday, October 22, from 9am to 4pm. Adults and older teenagers are welcome up to a maximum of 8 participants. "First Shot" gives the beginner an introduction to the Seven Coordinations (Shichido), the basic form of kyudo, as well as the meditation aspects. "First Shot" is required before one can practice regularly with other kyudokas (practitioners). Tuition is $100 for instruction, use of equipment, and lunch. All tuitions are given to the AVA Scholarship fund in loving memory of Aya Itagaki, who was a vibrant artist, supporter of AVA, and kyudo practitioner.

  • $100 regardless of membership.
  • All Proceeds will go to the Aya Itagaki Scholarship Fund at AVA. 


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